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Recap 2020 Efforts on the A1A Multi-Use Trail




North Florida TPO Survey
For Transportation Development Plan

Input needed by Febraury 7th

If you live or work in St. Johns County, we want your input for the Transit Development Plan.
Please take a few minutes to complete our survey at publicinput.com/sjtransitsurvey.


Public Transit Needs--Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

 (Please send this survey out to individuals in your HOA, Civic Association or any groups that would help to get good public feedback.)

The North Florida TPO is working with St. Johns County and consultant ETM for a major update of the Transit Development Plan (TDP). A TDP is a 10-year horizon plan required by the Florida Department of Transportation that serves as a basis for defining public transit needs. The plan is a prerequisite for state funds and serves as a transit planning, development and operational guidance document.

This survey will help us identify public transportation needs within St. Johns County and consider ways to enhance travel and access for residents and employees. Public participation is an important part of the plan. 

Here is the Public Survey link: https://publicinput.com/sjtransitsurvey.

Responses from the public survey will be anonymous. Deadline to complete is Sunday, February 7, 2021. 

 Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study

For more information and status update contact:

Duane Kent, P.E., County Engineer; St. Johns County Board of Commissioners; C: (904)417-5999; W: (904)209-0113; [email protected]

Rodney H. Cooper, P.E., County Traffic Engineer; St. Johns County Board of Commissioners; Office: (904) 209-0111; [email protected]


Future movement toward build-out is contingent upon funding. This project will take a number of years to complete in phases. 







St. Johns County INTERACTIVE Map for Beach Access Points

This identifies foot paths, walkovers, facilities and vehicle access to the beaches. Public parking spaces are identified at the "stars". In the North Beaches there are 410 available slots not counting the three interior lots at the GTM National Research Reserve.


From Commissioner Jimmy Johns - April 2020

St. Johns County Sidewalk Study


I'd like to invite you to participate in a sidewalk study to help us prioritize the needs in St. Johns County. The North Florida Transportation Planning Organization is working with St. Johns County to develop a Sidewalk Asset Strategy to identify sidewalk gaps along the County's major and minor roadways. Those who live, work, or attend school in St. Johns County are encouraged to take a quick survey to provide feedback regarding sidewalk needs at www.publicinput.com/N062. The survey will be used to determine community preferences for the walking environment and where to focus new pedestrian infrastructure improvements. 

Many of us are spending much more time outdoors these days and enjoying going on walks with our families or riding bikes. If you see a sidewalk need in your community, please share your feedback via the survey.


Jimmy Johns

District 1

St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners 






Click the link below for PRESENTATIONS for limited sessions.


Greenways & Trails Summit Participant

As an officially designated Florida Trail Town and member of the East Coast Greenway, Vilano Beach Main Street had been invited to host the Southeast Greenways & Trail Summit bus tour of the East Coast Greenway from Jacksonville to St. Augustine to include our Town Center the first week in April. To view the presentations for what became a virtual event, see the information and link above.  Find out how Charleston, SC and Richmond, VA planned their trails, challenges and accomplishments of the St. Johns River-to-Sea Trail, bicycle tourism, and about fostering a legacy of conservation, connectivity and community partnerships for economic benefits, health and quality of life through trails.

Feasibility Study for our A1A Multi-Use Trail

We are working by phone and email with the FDOT and the County regarding the feasibility study for the East Coast Greenway Trail proposed from Vilano Beach to St. Augustine on the South to Mickler’s in Ponte Vedra on the North.  The committee has requested that prior to the completion of this study public meetings will be allowed, to be certain the community has input on the trail.



Sharrows Now On Vilano Road

Vilano Beach Main Street Florida Trail Town

A1A Multi Use Trail  - Feasibility study pending county staff and public discussions when gatherings are permitted in the near future.



Southeast Greenways & Trails Summit

In case you missed the VIRTUAL Greenways Summit, follow this link to listen to informational trails presentations.



A1A bike trail: FDOT studying feasibility of multiuse trail along A1A in St. Johns County
By: Brittney Donovan , Action News Jax
Aug. 6, 2019

  • ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - A new multiuse trail on State Road A1A could stretch from Vilano Beach to Mickler Road in St. Johns County.

The Florida Department of Transportation is conducting a feasibility study for a 10- to 12-foot paved lane along the 16-mile stretch. The lane would be separate from the road, giving drivers and families more space.

It's been talked about since the early 2000s, according to St. Johns County Public Works Director Neal Shinkre.

The plan is moving forward with FDOT footing the bill for the study, which is estimated to cost $150,000. 

"A wider lane would be great for everybody," Patrick Murphy said.

Murphy bikes up and down State Road A1A every day. 

"I'm always watching out," he said. "Up there, it gets to be 55 mph. Fifty-five (mph) turns into 65 (mph), realistically, when no one's around."

Drivers say State Road A1A is also a concern for them, especially when cars block the bike lanes.

"They're parked on the side of the road and the cyclists have to veer around them. With traffic coming through there, we have to veer around the cyclists, as well. You have to be very cautious," David Ruzeck said.
The FDOT study is expected to take up to a year. Shinkre said it's second on the county's list of priority projects, right behind the River to Sea Loop.


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Donald Morgan, Florida Office of Greenways and Trails Regional Coordinator, Paul Haydt, East Coast Greenway and Friends of Scenic A1A Director, Sallie O’Hara, Vilano Beach Main Street Executive Director and Committee Member, National Scenic Byway, Dr. Michael Shirley, GTM Research Reserve Director, and Mark Atkins, North Florida Bicycle Club President, at the February Main Street meeting.

- - - - -

The push to prioritize a feasibility study for a proposed A1A Multi-Use Trail accelerated during February, as the newly appointed Regional Coordinator for State Greenways and Trails, Donald Morgan, visited Vilano Beach and was given a tour on A1A, followed by a meeting with Multi-Use Trail Committee Members and then a question and answer public presentation at the February 20th Vilano Beach Main Street Meeting chaired by Vivian Browning.  Our Vilano Beach Town Center was recently designated a Florida Trail Town.

Also attending the prior Trail Committee meeting were representatives from Velofest, St. Johns County Parks & Recreation Department, Rodney Cooper, Transportation Engineer for the County Public Works Department and North Shores Improvement Association. Mr. Morgan also met with Reuben Franklin, the City of St. Augustine’s Mobility Manager for the proposed link-in. 

The A1A trail is anticipated to pass through a number of miles on existing hard packed trails in the Research Reserve and State Wildlife Preserve, as well as through Mussallem and North Beach county parks. Following the completion of the county River to Sea Trail, the committee is working to get our A1A ranked as #1 priority in order to enhance goals for design, funding and completion, given a number of constraints we have in certain areas of right of way on a roadway initially built in the 1920s. 

Click below to support our efforts to sign a petition or provide Letters of Support.



We have now OVER 1000 names endorsing the community need for a Multi-Use Trail along A1A from Vilano to Ponte Vedra.


Vilano Beach Town Center is now a




St. Augustine, FL- Vilano Beach Town Center was designated as a Florida Trail Town at the September 14, 2018 Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Office of Greenways and Trails (OGT) Council meeting held in Titusville, Florida. A “Trail Town” in Florida is a community located along or in proximity to one or more long distance non-motorized recreational trails. This includes cycling, paddling, equestrian or hiking trails where users can venture off the trail to enjoy the services and unique heritage of the nearby community. The town is a safe place where both town residents and trail users can walk, bike, jog to find the goods and services they need, and easily access both the trail and the town. Along with Vilano Beach Town Center, the City of Malabar and City of Clermont attained designations joining Titusville and Dunedin as the first five designated Trail Towns in the State of Florida.

Thanks for joining us October 17, 2018 in our celebration at the Vilano Beachfront Pavilion !

This is also our 10th Anniversary Celebrating the completion of the
Vilano Town Center Streetscape and Infrastructure Project!







 How do we do this?

We must show that an important number of our residents are in favor of the new trail.  How can you help and participate?  Individuals and families are as important as A1A sub-divisions and businesses.  Our citizen group will provide a presentation and question and answer meeting at your request.

  • To sign up ONLINE, please click this link and sign and submit. 
    Your comments will be added to the growing list of citizens supporting this initiative. The list will then be provided to the decision makers in St. Johns County and the Transportation Planning Organization to demonstrate the byway community's support.

  • You may wish to form a neighborhood group to support the initiative. Use the Blank Paper Petition to gather signatures from your neighbors if you strongly agree. Neighborhood captains may return names gathered to the trail planning committee member, Mark Atkins, [email protected].
  • A “Resolution of Support” may be available to sign as we visit your neighborhoods and civic meetings as well. 
  • Or you can send a Letter of Support (on your letterhead if you are an organization or business).  For sample letter - click here.
    Email it to [email protected], (425-8055), or Mail it to: A1A Multi-Use Trail, c/o Danielle Anderson, Executive Director, Friends of A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway, 2175 Mizell RD, St. Augustine, FL 32080


 We need YOUR help in selecting a unique name for this trail!!!

Click the link to take a 60 second survey!




A1A is the sole connective road for the North Coastal Corridor north of the Vilano Bridge – for neighborhoods, restaurants, parks, and beach access points.  It remains without sidewalks, presenting a growing safety problem for pedestrians, joggers and cyclists as traffic volume increases. This section of A1A is currently designated as part of the East Coast Greenway, and is included on the St. Johns County and FDOT bike and pedestrian plans. Completion of this trail would bring to fruition recommendations approved by the County Commission in 2006 to provide pedestrian and bike paths for the north corridor of A1A.

The current proposal would create a 10-foot wide trail along the west side of A1A, separated from the current road by a 3-foot grass buffer on the west side of A1A. This would provide a 9 ft. separation (3 ft. grass buffer plus 6 ft. existing bike lane) between the trail and the vehicle lanes, very similar to the separation presently provided along A1A between the Vilano Bridge and May St. This would significantly improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists traveling this road.  

Funding for this trail is available through several state and federal programs, but community support is needed to tap into these resources. Below is a listing of some of the organizations who have come forward to support this project, but more support is needed. Please sign the on-line petition (see link below). Also, please let us know if you or your organization has any questions or would be able provide us with a letter of support.

In addition to over 500 individuals who have signed the petition, below is a partial list of organizations providing letters of support for this project: Friends of A1A Scenic & Historic Byway, St. Johns County Recreation and Parks Advisory Board, East Coast Greenway, North Florida Bicycle Club, Velofest, North Shores Improvement Association, GTM NERR, Porpoise Point Homeowners Assn., Marshview Homeowners Assn. 


Does your group need more questions answered?

To schedule a presentation or contact our local group, contact Al Aldrich,  [email protected], (386-3446) or George Connaughton, [email protected]. 



Frequently Asked Questions


What is a multi-use trail?
A multi-use trail is a paved 10 ft. wide path with a separation buffer between it and the roadway.

Where would this trail be located?
This trail would run along the west side of A1A from the Vilano Town Center to Mickler Road.  The trail would be located within the existing state-owned right-of-way for A1A...no private property will be used for the trail.

Why is a multi-use trail needed?
The present bicycle lanes along this section of A1A provide only a six inch wide stripe of white paint to separate pedestrians and cyclists, and vehicles traveling from 40 to 60+ MPH. This creates a real safety concern for recreational cyclists, families, and pedestrians.  This trail would provide a safe means of travel for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized means of transportation (skate boards, roller skates, etc.) along this section of road.  The trail would not only allow residents to travel between communities, restaurants, parks, and shopping along the A1A corridor, but also to GTM NERR (Guana).

How would this trail improve the safety of A1A?
The trail would be 10 ft. wide, with a 3-ft. grass buffer between it and the existing roadway. This would provide 9 ft. of separation (3 ft. grass buffer plus 6 ft. existing bike lane) between the vehicle lane and the trail. This separation is similar the separation provided between the sidewalk and road along A1A in the area of the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.

 Who will pay for this trail?
The State of Florida and the Federal Government have recognized the value of trails to improve safety, promote physical exercise, and foster connected communities, and as such there are numerous grant programs available for the design and construction of trails. One these, the SUN (Shared-Use, Non-motorized) Trails through the Florida Department of Transportation, provides up to $25 million a year for trials across Florida. This money is designated for trails, and as such would not affect funding for other projects such as beach re-nourishment.

When would the trail be built?
Timing is contingent on when we can obtain grant funding, which in turn is largely dependent of how much community support we can demonstrate. We estimate a realistic time fame of two to five years.

How can I get more information concerning the details of the trail?
A copy of a PowerPoint Presentation describing the trail can be viewed at:

Click here to view the Presentation

 I think the trail is a good idea, how can I support making the trail a reality?
Please sign the online petition at:




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